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Seeing Your Vision Made Manifest - Connecting Women To Their Passion

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I am inspired to work with women in transition to rediscover the wisdom within that informs the vision of their passion and how to bring this out into the world, affecting systematic change, both personally and professionally, even on a global scale.

As a Master Embodiment Teacher, my expertise is how to navigate and listen to the body’s insights and knowledge that translate into greater authenticity and powerful choices that will reshape the direction of your life.

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Here’s how we can begin: We’ll hop on a 45-minute video call and identify where your passion resides within and how to tap into this potent personal power. Once we’ve uncovered where you access your passion and power, you can visit this place within on your own or you can choose to work with me to unlock your greater vision and how to use it to manifest your passion in the world.

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“Judith’s coaching was sublime, always at the right place at the right time, going with the flow.” –Chris 

“Judith ‘walks the talk’ which is extremely inspirational. She is intuitive and compassionate and professional. She was a guide who helped me feel safe while examining uncomfortable feelings and new experiences. While working with Judith I felt that she looked at the whole picture—my artistic path, my corporal experience, emotions and life choices. The work we did helped me feel more alive and connected to being a human being.”—Greta