San Francisco, CA

Divine Feminine Meets Wonder Woman

Divine Feminine Meets Wonder Woman

Divine Feminine Meets Wonder Woman Divine Feminine Meets Wonder Woman Divine Feminine Meets Wonder Woman

Let's Begin Here....

I am passionate about helping women release their 

negative responses to stress 

focusing on healthy, energizing ways to inhabit your daily life, embodying freedom and unhampered joy,

while living into your most COURAGEOUS SELF.

My expertise is how to navigate and listen to your

body’s insights and knowledge plus

the soul's yearning for expression, translating this into greater authenticity and powerful choices that will 

reshape the direction of your life.

Embodying Freedom and Unhampered Joy

Women breathing in a field with arms wide, photo by Olia Nayda of Unsplash

Welcome Home to Your Body

How This Will Impact Your Life

mark-pan4ratte at Upsplash

  • Truly loving and caring for yourself by listening to your body: when to rest, when to move, when to express yourself fully
  • Know when and how to ask for help when needed
  • When to stand up and fight for what is right
  • Contributing to community by providing dynamic leadership and a healthy role model
  • Reigniting your passion and zeal for living
  • Less reactive to stressful moments and how to move through triggering events more quickly
  • Experiencing your most powerful self in word and deed
  • Breathing more easily, feel less restricted, moving through life with grace and beauty
  • More confident, courageous and adventurous
  • You are a badass and people want to be around you

Inviting Those Who...

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  • Have some kind of body orientation, be it yoga, dance, a martial art, a sport
  • A regular spiritual practice such as meditating, attending a (progressive) church/temple, walking in the woods, dancing at the ocean, singing to the stars, creating art
  • Are not afraid of emotions or expressing yourself
  • Love Brene Brown and her stance on vulnerability
  • Have been called a highly sensitive person, empath or intuitive, over and over again
  • Have read or want to read Judith Orloff, Angeles Arrien, Tony Morrison, Alice Walker, Pema Chodron,  Maxine Hong Kingston
  • Love poetry by Rumi and/or Mary Oliver
  • Know how to laugh with and at yourself, as needed

How I Work


Individual Sessions

I offer one-on-one 70 minute sessions (either in person in San Francisco or via video chat) in packages of 5, 7 or 10 sessions in order for us to dive into your concerns and shift those challenging responses to stress, creating positive ways to feel more comfortable in your skin. You will need to commit to a body-based practice for 20 minutes a day along with a willingness to slow down in your life and truly care for yourself.

“Judith’s coaching was sublime, always at the right place at the right time, going with the flow.” –Chris Garrett, retired Educator

group of people holding hands onstage, photo by Mauricio Keller at Pixabay

Group Events

I offer group events and classes in San Francisco on different topics including Embodied Mindfulness and “The Moving Body” Dance Class, encouraging aliveness and more freedom to breathe, rest, and restore ourselves and our place in community.

“Judith ‘walks the talk’ which is extremely inspirational. She is intuitive and compassionate and professional. She was a guide who helped me feel safe while examining uncomfortable feelings and new experiences. She looked at the whole picture—my artistic path, my corporal experience, emotions and life choices. The work we did helped me feel more alive and connected to being a human being.”—Greta Larson, Business School Administrator


Now is the Right Time....

Come along with me and truly witness yourself change because you are attending to yourself, dedicating time and energy to releasing what no longer serves you and creating space for your badass, audacious self to emerge.

“I think you (Judith) create a space for whatever needs to be spoken to emerge. You hold the container with equanimity and faith and seriousness and integrity. You have tools to dig around and to invite what is wanting to be expressed. You have the knowledge and intelligence and curiosity and experience to follow threads and to encourage them and to go with hunches and to be undaunted.” Elaine Chan-Scherer, Psychotherapist, Hula Dancer