Igniting the Passion Within




Judith Lavender Dancer, Master Embodiment Movement Coach, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, Dancer and Collage Artist, has been dancing and moving her entire life. She has a Certificate in Mime from Chabot College in Hayward, CA and a Bachelor of Art in Theatre from San Francisco State University. Her work incorporates Feldenkrais, Continuum, Tamalpa Life/Art Process, Chi Gong, Authentic Movement, Improvisation and Expressive Movement. She worked with elders as an Activities Director for 10 years where she developed a holistic movement program to keep elders more active and flexible. She brings her business acuity and acumen from working in personal finance for 13 years. A portion of this work is based on Embodied Mindfulness developed by Jamie McHugh, RSMT. Part of her personal daily practice includes embodied meditation in the tradition of Dharma Ocean (lineage holder: Reggie Ray).


How I Work

I work with people in a very integrated fashion to tap into the wisdom of the body that informs all that we do. We will find where the vision and passion resides within and ways to connect to your potent personal power, moving you forward. Your body has great wisdom that can be accessed and listened to in life-enhancing ways. The outcome will be manifesting your vision into the world, recognizing and coming from your authentic self, creating better home life, work and community, both locally and globally.


More Testimonials

“You share your knowledge through the body in a way that is so inviting, sharing with us and inviting us into deeper connection with ourselves.” –Elaine 

“I learned that my body is source of wisdom and truth, and that it intuitively knows what my entire being needs. Every session felt like a discovery, a practice of listening to the body’s wisdom without getting in the way. Judith helped me to find a sense of home and belonging in my body.” –Yumi