Divine Feminine Meets Wonder Woman




Judith Lavender Dancer, Choreographer of the Soul, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist *, Dancer, Mime, and Collage Artist, has been dancing and moving her entire life. She has a Certificate in Mime from Chabot College in Hayward, CA and a Bachelor of Art in Theatre from San Francisco State University. Her work incorporates Feldenkrais, Continuum, Tamalpa Life/Art Process, Chi Gong, Authentic Movement, Improvisation and Expressive Movement. She worked with elders as an Activities Director for 10 years where she developed a holistic movement program to keep elders more active and flexible. She brings her business acuity and acumen from working in personal finance for 13 years. A portion of this work is based on Embodied Mindfulness developed by Jamie McHugh, RSMT. 

*through the International Somatic Education & Somatic Movement Therapist Association


My Story

Although I have been a dancer and mover my whole life, I often felt as if I was not occupying my body due to past traumas and the stress of child abuse. After injuring myself by running into a pole because I wasn't paying attention, I took Feldenkrais classes to heal my broken self, learning to slow down and come into sensory awareness and occupying my physical body; thus began my lifelong journey and exploration of inquiry and discovery into the body. My soul sings and dances when I am attentive to my physical journey, two aspects of me joyfully wed. I live in the Truth of who I am.


More Testimonials

“You share your knowledge through the body in a way that is so inviting, sharing with us and inviting us into deeper connection with ourselves.” –Elaine Chan-Scherer, Psychotherapist and Hula Dancer

“I learned that my body is source of wisdom and truth, and that it intuitively knows what my entire being needs. Every session felt like a discovery, a practice of listening to the body’s wisdom without getting in the way. Judith helped me to find a sense of home and belonging in my body.” –Yumi Tomsha, Singer and Aspiring Teacher