Igniting the Passion Within


Welcome to my blog. I write about how to navigate the experience of the body and learn to listen to the body’s insights and knowledge. This potent information can translate into powerful choices and reshape the direction of your life. Let's begin here. Don't forget to check out my heart-filled videos below. Oh, and do subscribe to my mailing list...at the bottom of the page.

Breathing with the Ocean

What a wonderful way to be with the ocean and to receive the sound, vision, and energy.  Standing, feel your chest opening and receiving the ocean. Bringing your arms up wide, breathe in the ocean (receiving) and breathe out  with an ahhhh sound (giving). Allow your legs to bend and your body to move and sway, as needed. Rest with arms at your side. 

Don’t forget to thank the ocean!

P.S. No ocean nearby? Open the window during a rain storm, go to the woods or lake. ENJOY!

3 Ways to Make Self-Contact Daily

By making daily self-contact, you can intentionally calm yourself, love yourself more deeply, and even energize yourself. 

  • Targeting
  • Compression
  • Tapping or Patting

By using intentional self-contact daily, you can give yourself the support you need just fingertips away. Learn more by watching this video!